Australian Finger Lime Trees in Tubestock (Citrus Liners)

As of Q4 2015 we are preparing our nurseries in Thailand to produce additional varieties of Australian Finger Lime tree propagation materials. Plants will be available in tube form and may even be available as tissue culture in flasks in 2016. We can supply grafted trees at various stages of growth, so please get in touch to find out what is currently available.


Grafted trees are most commonly budded onto Citrus Trifoliata, Flying Dragon or Troyer citrange rootstocks for protection against Phytophthora root rot. We can provide you with the complete range of Citrus Gems varieties produced under the best conditions possible in Australia. Bio Security is a top priority for Citrus Gems and you can rest assured that all trees will be free from disease when they leave our nursery.

Custom Orders

You may have already experienced the 'red tape' that stifles the Finger Lime industry in Australia and our goal is to help people bypass all of that and get Finger Lime propagation materials, trees and fruit to them with the absolute minimum amount of hassle. This does come at a price, but we think it is worth it. With this in mind, if you want us to grow something - just ask. We will do everything we can to accomodate you.

Citrus tree growers generally like to propagate their own trees, or experiment by 'top working' an existing citrus tree with various varieties of Finger Lime. True-to-type, disease-free plant materials are very difficult to obtain from Australia and it has been our goal from the outset to solve this problem.