We understand that you want to receive your Australian Finger Lime Trees in a healthy condition and at the same time keep your shipping costs to an absolute minimum. We will do everything in our power to make this happen. We want you as a long term Customer and try to make sure that our products arrive in the best condition possible.

Finger Lime Tree


Prior to shipping, we remove the soil from our 1, 2 and 3 year old trees (bare root) and pack the roots in a plastic bag with damp coconut fibre or sawdust. Our international customers have experienced tremendous success when our trees are shipped this way.

Whichever country you are from, we will work with you to export our Finger Lime Trees. Thailand has free trade agreements in place with many countries which makes things more cost effective for the you as an importer. We can use the courier of your choice from UPS, Fedex or DHL. If you are from Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos or Burma then it may be possible for you to arrange collection at a border crossing.


One Year Old Trees

1 yr-old trees are from 12-16" in height and the trunk is around 1/4" in diameter. They are grown in our nursery in 4" x 6" plastic pots of soil and they can be bare rooted upon request prior to shipping. Once you receive the trees, it is best to re-pot them into larger containers to give the roots more room to grow.

Two Year Old Trees

2 yr-old trees are from 20-24" in height and the trunk is around 3/8" in diameter. They are grown in our nursery in 5" x 12" plastic pots of soil and they can be bare rooted upon request prior to shipping. You should re-pot them into larger 10"-12" containers a few months after delivery, or when the roots start to make their way through the drainage holes.

Three Year Old Trees

3 yr-old trees are more well branched and have a large root system. The trunk is around 1/2” in diameter They are grown in three gallon nursery pots. When packed for export, the soil is carefully removed from the roots and then wrapped in a plastic bag with moist coconut fiber. The trees should be re-potted into larger containers immediately after delivery. You can plant them directly in the ground in tropical climates.

Tips on Growing Finger Lime Trees

Finger Lime trees are best suited to well drained soils with a pH between five and six point five. Trees do well when grafted onto C. trifoliata rootstock and rows should be mounded to aid drainage. In regions with frost, they should be planted in Spring. In tropical climates, they can also be planted in Autumn.

Finger Lime fruit are susceptible to wind rub and skin damage from thorns if windbreaks are not put in place before planting. It is important to give trees protection from the prevailing wind and advisable to remove any fruit for up to 3 years after planting. This will aid establishment and growth.

There is usually minimal sign of growth for the first year after planting and trees are slow to establish. A good mulch at the base will help keep soil moist and roots cool. Care should be taken to keep any mulch away from tree trunks in order to stop collar rot.