Finger Lime Fruit

The popularity of Caviar Lime is increasing rapidly and so is demand. Fruit is not always available from Australia and that's why we grow in Thailand. Compared to Australia, our location makes it much easier to ship to countries within Asia and many other locations too.

Caviar Lime Fruit

There are many varieties of Australian Finger Lime but we focus mainly on the varieties produced by Judy Viola and A T Eyles & Sons citrus nurseries under the Citrus Gems brand name. Judy Viola was the first to successfuly graft finger lime cultivars onto commercial citrus rootstock. Her cultivars include Alstonville, Blunobia Pink Crystal, Durhams Emerald, Judy’s Everbearing and Pink Ice.

Rainforest Pearl from A T Eyles and Sons is administered and protected by the Plant Breeders Rights Act of 1994. It is a small citrus tree that produces green fruit with a pink flesh.

Fruit produced in Thailand ripens at a different time to fruit grown in Australia and this is particularly important where there is a requirement for fresh fruit. Where frozen fruit is required, it is vacuum packed blast frozen and stored at -18C prior to shipping. Fruit is never picked after rain so as not to decrease it’s shelf life.

Sales and marketing are handled under the brand 'Bite Me Lime' in Thailand.

On the Table

Fruit is often used as a garnish for seafood and the pulp can be used for jam, jelly and savoury or sweet sauces. The pulp of the fruit contains separate juice vesicles that look like caviar when served. The juice vesicles, often called crystals, are compressed inside the fruit and burst out when the fruit is opened. The limits of what can be created with this delicacy are restricted only by your imagination.