Our Finger Lime Trees are grown from tissue culture and from seed. We grow Flying Dragon and Troyer rootstock from seed. Trees can also be grown from cuttings for Customers who prefer this method. However our trees are grown, their roots are packed in plastic bags with artificial soil on the morning of shipment.

Propagation Materials

In order to provide our Customers with a reliable supply of multiple varieties of Australian Finger Lime Trees, we have tissue culture produced in a laboratory. We can provide you with tissue culture, cuttings or tubestock so that you can keep your shipping costs to an absolute minimum and grow trees in your own nursery.


All Citrus Gems varieties of fruit are produced in Thailand. There are thousands of trees grown under different climatic conditions at various orchards throughout Thailand. Your customs permitting, fruit can be packed and shipped either fresh or frozen right to your door.

History of Finger Limes

Although Finger Lime Trees originated in Australia, excessive regulation makes it very difficult and expensive to get trees and fruit out of that country. As a result, Thailand is becoming a large grower and exporter of Finger Lime Trees and Fruit to the rest of the world.

Lime Caviar has recently become very popular with professional chefs due to the fruits caviar-like appearance. Our aim is to put more Lime Caviar on restaurant tables in countries other than Australia.

Citrus Gems export propagation materials and trees all over the world for your enjoyment. We also market and export Finger Lime Fruit produced at several nurseries around Thailand.

Rainforest Pearl

Rainforest Pearl

This is our most popular selling tree. Fruit is usually produced in autumn. Fragrant thin green skin blushed with crimson. Slice fruit open to reveal a vault of glistening citrus pearls bursting with juicy lime flavours. Originating from the understory Rainforest Pearl naturally enjoys dappled light, although performs best in full sun, in a warm protected location. The original grower is Gary Eyles in Australia.

Judys Everbearing

Judy’s Everbearing

Citrus Gems Judy’s Everbearing has been known to produce fruit, from summer all year round. It produces crops of tasty finger limes, with a very dark green skin, full of glistening citrus pearls. The fruit colour may vary in accordance to climatic region. Originating from the understory, this variety enjoys filtered light but also thrives in a protected location in full sun. The original grower is Judy Viola in Australia.

Finger Lime Tree

Giant Farm

Giant Farm have multiple plant nurseries throughout Thailand and hundreds of acres of farming land at their disposal to grow many colours of Australian Finger Lime fruit.



Once our Finger Lime Trees or Fruit have been grown to your specific requirements, we professionaly document, pack and export them to your home country.

Professional Exporters of Australian Finger Lime Trees